Andrea Rosin Cremona in America


We can only guarantee that your ANDREA rosin is genuine if you buy from one of our authorised stockists listed on our stockist pages. We are in the process of adding new stockists so please check if you have any concerns.

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"...It sets a unique standard." Lynn Harrell - cellist

Each block of ANDREA rosin is made by hand in the USA from a select blend of the highest quality ingredients by professional New York violinist Peter Bahng. You may remember that ANDREA rosin was made by Andrea Bang several years ago under the name Tartini (not to be confused with New Tartini which is a different product).

Bought and used by professional players, this rosin is worth every penny for the sound that it draws from your instrument. Many professional musicians won't use any other rosin and if you try it you'll understand why. Just 3 - 4 swipes of your bow over the rosin is enough due to it's powerful formulation. So it's economical too.

Contains no animal products - suitable for vegetarians

Andrea A Piacere Rosin

ANDREA A Piacere

'A Piacere' Rosin previously known as Tartini Green which was discontinued in 2004. Relaunched in March 2011 as 'A Piacere'. 'A Piacere' has the exact same formula as the Tartini "Green," which provides the effortless bow control with even sound production. This rosin will get the most out of your instrument and add that extra something.

Andrea Solo


Gives a pure, clean and projecting sound that soloists love. It has the widest dynamic range and is particularly good for playing in large halls. Solo rosins were also known under the names Paganini for violin, David for viola, and Casals for cello.

Andrea Orchstra Rosin

ANDREA Orchestra

Gives a smoother sound that blends well in an orchestra without sacrificing clarity or articulation. . The sound is more controlled. Orchestra rosin was previously known as Symphony rosin. Orchestra rosin previously had the names Vitali for violin, Vienna for viola, and Toscanini for cello.

All Standard sized rosins come in the boxed version shown. All small sized rosins are presented in the usual plastic case but without the cardboard box. Both the standard and the small rosins are the same diameter but the small rosin is about half the height of the standard rosin.

* Standard Size Andrea rosins are in a case which measures approx 5 cm in diameter and is 2.5 cm tall. The rosin block itself is approx 4 cm in diameter and 1.5 cm tall.

Andrea standard and small violin rosin

ANDREA Violin Rosin

Andrea Violin A Piacere Standard Size
Andrea Violin A Piacere Small
Andrea Violin Solo and Orchestra Standard Size
Andrea Violin Solo Small

Andrea standard and small viola rosin

ANDREA Viola Rosin

Andrea Viola A Piacere Standard Size
Andrea Viola A Piacere Small
Andrea Viola Solo and Orchestra Standard Size
Andrea Viola Solo Small

Andrea standard and small cello rosin

ANDREA Cello Rosin

Andrea Cello A Piacere Standard Size
Andrea Cello A Piacere Small
Andrea Cello Solo and Orchestra Standard Size
Andrea Cello Solo Small

While there isn't a specific rosin produced for double bass the ANDREA cello rosins are highly recommended for use by double bassists.

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