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If every violinist knew about the GELREST every violinist would use one! Superbly comfortable!!
OLIVER LEWIS, Guinness World's Fastest Violinist 2010

Customer of George Weitz Violins
GelRest Guarneri

Bow Hold Buddies

I'm glad to inform you that my daughter is a happy owner of Bow Hold Buddies since yesterday. She is delighted with it and said it's very comfortable and helpful. Although she's been playing since she was 6 years old and recently passed her 3rd grade exams with great results she still has some problems with correct bow hold. This is definitely going to make a difference. It's a small product but a great idea.
Agnieszka O'Toole

Bow Hold Buddies

Warchal Ametyst Violin Strings

I've been using the Ametyst strings that I bought from you recently, and am happy to report that I'm favourably impressed. .......they're bright but not harsh, and on the Chinese factory violins seem to bring out the best in the instrument. I've been using (name of string removed) which are fine, but a bit dead compared with the Ametyst.

Simon Dubber Violins
Warchal Ametyst Strings

Warchal Strings

...Secondly I'm really pleased with the strings and your service - turned up when you said it would and well packed too. The Amber Viola are great - really liked those, and indeed the rest of the string range that I've put on instruments have all turned out well. The 3/4 violin was fitted with the Ametysts and there was a definite improvement - better sound quality and nice to play as well.

George Weitz
Warchal Strings

Warchal Amber Cello Strings

I have a recital coming up for which I'm using the German cello with the Warchal Amber strings. I've never heard that cello sound so good.

G.E. professional cellist Amber Cello from Warchal

Warchal Amber Viola Strings

A review using a large 16" viola with a string length of 370 mm, and a set of short scale Amber viola strings.

The ball end is easy to fit to a Pusch tail piece. The strings were fitted at the weekend without being played until the Monday. From then on, they settled very quickly and tone-wise have been stable ever since. Amber feel comfortable under the fingers and articulate readily. The tone is very distinctive, having a broad sound spectrum without being overly loud under the ear. Particularly impressive is the dynamic range with little surface noise when playing softly. Compared to Obligato, which also play easily and hold their tuning extremely well, the Warchal Amber seems to have a more complex sound, full and dark, the opposite of 'thin' of many other strings. This could well be due to the lower tension meaning less energy to produce the distinctive sound. Do bear in mind these comments assume that the the bridge height is set up for synthetic strings and not too low as for metal strings.

Metal A or synthetic A? The standard synthetic A works so well in harmony with the other strings, one should be wary of changing, as the synthetic tension can have a tonal effect on the other strings. Having said that, the metal A, with its helix (built in wave), is outstanding. The peculiar appearance of a string which is never completely straight, certainly works. The usual 'metal' edgy sound is entirely absent. In the higher positions, I feel the synthetic A has the edge. Which to choose? For orchestral players, the metal would be best with its extra bite. Otherwise for most players, settle for the synthetic which, overall, promotes a more mellow sound for the instrument.

28 December 2015
Amber Viola

Warchal Brilliant Viola Strings

The Brilliant are on and I LOVE them. I have had a little play and the sound is gorgeous. The Brilliant are so sonorous. They have solved the problem I had with my A string being too shrill. Obviously I need to play them in a bit but first impressions are extremely good indeed especially with the Andrea rosin. I love the fact that they make the tone of my viola so even. They also feel great under the finger too.

Viva Violins - Devon Warchal Brilliant Viola

ANDREA A Piacere Rosin

I'm very keen on the A Piacere. It is indeed a close run thing between that and the solo rosin. If anything, I think I slightly prefer the A Piacere. It does feel a little more responsive and a little smoother in legato playing. So I think that may have become my rosin of choice for the future.

James Barralet - Cellist Andrea A Piacere Rosin


The Andrea rosin arrived today, thank you. It definitely gives a better sound, especially on the higher notes. Those notes sound much more clear.

Marie Andrea A Piacere Rosin

Warchal Amber Violin Strings

" I wanted to give the Ambers a good break in period. I really like these strings! My modern violin just loves them....

The closest to gut I've played on since I last used Eudoxa a long time ago and without the constant retuning which is a bonus. On my violin the A and E are bright and very sweet complimented by the very rich D and G. There is also a pleasing quality I can't quite put my finger on ( forgive the pun) the music just seems easier to produce well.

I assume the other three strings were designed to compliment this E. It is easier to produce the higher notes as the longitudinal elasticity is definitely greater. Some E strings are like trying to press down on a very taut cheese wire full of ultra high nasty, harsh, overtones. Not so with the Amber. I suspect for some the wavy feel under the fingers of the uppermost region, which is the remnant of the coil, may take a little time getting use to, but it's worth it! Definitely brighter A than Brilliant on my violin and it compliments the E beautifully. The D seems more focused and is closer to the A than some sets but is rich at the same time. I would say it is the perfect bridge between the G and A strings and oh my the G! Very gutty. "

S Shelley - Violinist Warchal Amber Violin

Warchal Karneol Viola Strings

"I have to say even from the first day I put them on they sounded really open and a had a wonderfully rich tone particularly in the lower three strings. (Usually it's the case that I would have to hide in a dark place somewhere with viola in tow and try and warm up really metallic sounding strings).

The A-string for me did take a lot longer to 'warm up', and I wasn't entirely sure in the first week whether it was a good match, considering how impressive the lower three strings are. I have to say it is much, much better now, and there are lots of really lovely overtones across all strings.

Again very good rich tone that carries very well even in quieter passages of music. I am easily able to create lots of different colours and make marked differences between smooth and detached playing without any intonational problems occurring with the string.

I have to say C-String in a high position is actually pretty good, it doesn't sound muffled or, excusing the expression, cow like. There is a high degree of clarity which I have never experienced with dominants/ Jargar I have to say.

Harmonics are still coming, I find it's gets more resonant the more I play.

Overall, I'm really enjoying the strings and I really feel like it has given me more possibilities for voicing. I would happily purchase another set. "

La-Toya Rose - Professional Violist Warchal Karneol Viola

Warchal Amber E string for violin

"The new Amber E is performing beautifully; full tone, no squeaks, plugged or acoustic; like it lots; lovely slightly mellow, sweet tone. 10/10 I'd say."

Professional violinist - FM - Hampshire Warchal Amber Violin

Warchal Amber Violin Strings

"...I have to say I think the strings made the sale, I shall be fitting them on all my own instruments in future"

Violinmaker and restorer - Devon - comments received about Warchal Amber violin strings Warchal Amber Violin

Amber E string

"The new Amber E is performing beautifully; full tone, no squeaks, plugged or acoustic; like it lots; lovely slightly mellow, sweet tone. 10/10 I'd say."

Professional violinist - FM - Hampshire Warchal Amber Violin

Warchal Amber E String for violin

"The Amber E - when are they bringing out the set and how much will I need to re-mortgage my house to get 100 sets? Really it's a great great string. It went on and settled in about 5 minutes (it's a funny spiral job which threw me slightly but no problems so far) and it sounds sweet and smooth but with clarity from the open E to the E octave and above. Don't know what the rest of the set will sound like but if that one's anything to go by should be amazing!"

Professional violinist - a customer of Viva Violins - Devon Warchal Amber Violin

Warchal Brilliant Strings

Well I have to tell you I am well chuffed! It was a gamble taking off the fresh "normal" brilliants that had already given an improvement over what was previously on, but I'm glad I did. The vintage are obviously designed for the older instrument and I could tell straight away the way things were going. My Derazey feels even more responsive and richer in overtones most probably due to the advertised lower tension of these strings freeing things up. The lower two strings have a beautiful velvety sound. The a string, usually the one that disappoints in a set of strings, is beautifully clear and resonant.

Thanks so for introducing me to the brilliants, I'm really pleased with the tone they produce on both my instruments, especially the Derazey now, my best violin which has now got even better. The brilliants will be my string of choice until something better comes along, though it would need to be something very special!

Warchal Brilliant Violin


I really like the Andrea rosin. I think that the Andrea is superior in all respects. String adhesion .. sound... durability (how long it remains on the hair etc ) ..and it just generally sounds better to my ears. I won't use anything else now. I am spoiled after using the Andrea.

Further comments after 2 weeks of use.
The new Rosin is proving to be even better than I had first thought..... I actually took all the existing rosin off all my bows and started with virgin hair. And then I applied the Andrea rosin. Well it was certainly worth the effort.The result was superb. More adhesion of the hair to the string. The sound greatly improved as a result. I am just so pleased that I took all the old rosin off. It actually sounds like I am playing with different bows, the change has been that good. The rosin no longer looks new and shiny now! I really don't think that I could go back to any other rosin now.

Graham Buckner - Violinist Andrea A Piacere Rosin

Warchal Brilliant Vintage Strings

It's been 15 days since I put the Brilliant Vintage strings on so it's time for a review. Overall, I like them a lot. What I like the most about them is how well the set is balanced: Crossing strings does not lead to any abrupt change in power or timbre, these 4 strings are the most homogeneous set I've ever tried. I also like their playability: they are easier to play than the Evah Pirazzi. For me, the D string gives a much cleaner response in the high positions than the D Evah. Warchal Brilliant Violin