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Warchal Rusian Style A String for Violin

Warchal Russian Style Violin A String Warchal Russian A String

Bohdan Warchal is generally known as being a supporter of synthetic core strings. So the question that arose was why did Warchal spend so much time and effort developing a violin metal core A string?

There is a bit of an issue with making violin string sets. The E string cannot be synthetic, and so a plain or wound metal wire E is commonly used. There is always a bit of a problem with the compatibility of the metal soprano range E string with the alto range (G, D and A strings). String makers obviously aim to achieve a seamless change between the soprano and alto ranges, however a slight difference is always heard.

Bohdan was particularly influenced by the Soviet and Russian school and playing style during my studies, and used a metal core 'A' during that time. Many of his Russian violinist friends preferred to have the soprano-alto 'break' between the A and the D strings instead of between the E and the A strings.

Later Bohdan switched to using gut and synthetic A strings, but learned that some instruments just wouldn't work well with any kind of gut or synthetic core A string. Some instruments always had a problem with their response and playability if a synthetic or gut 'A' was fitted.

This is why Bohdan always wanted to make a metal core A string which had a trouble-free response, but which had the tonal character of a synthetic or gut string. Bohdan aimed to create a metal A which would sound warm even under maximum bow pressure. Developing the Warchal new metal A string took longer than he expected, but they have now successfully created a string which gives an unmatched response with a warm tone.

The Russian Style violin A string gives you a seamless and mellow switch between the alto and soprano registers, excellent response and incredible durability. Bohdan believes that you will enjoy it.