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Brilliant Vintage - for Violin

Vintage Warchal Brilliant Vintage Brilliant VINTAGE violin strings Especially created for antique violins. Excellent response in all dynamic ranges, including pianissimo. These strings enable older instruments to shine with a natural beauty of sound. They have a brilliant, warm and focused sound despite their lower tension. The Brilliant Vintage set is not intended for baroque instruments with lower tuning. Synthetic core strings need about three to four days to settle in before achieving full tone quality.

When using ball end synthetic strings with fine tuners you must position the ball as shown in the picture.

Ball end position

Product No. Note Core Winding Materials
800 B set   (Ball End E)
800 L set   (Loop End E)
801 B E Metal Ball End
801 L E Metal Loop End
802 A Synthetic Hydronalium / Hydronalium
803 D Synthetic Hydronalium / Hydronalium
804 G Synthetic Stainless Steel / Pure Silver