Warchal Strings

The Strings

Warchal strings are very good indeed. Superb materials, good feel under the fingers and exceptional sound all combine to give the player a rewarding and enjoyable experience. If you have spent time online reading through the reviews and forums, you'll be aware of the satisfaction being generated by this excellent string company from Slovakia. Of course as a musician what you hear "under the ear" is not always what your audience will hear. You need to be aware of this when making string choices. A string that is designed to give good projection may sound bright and edgy under the ear but be sonorous and mellow for your audience who are at a distance.

Warchal Amber String

AMBER for violin,viola and NEW for Cello

An innovative new E string design for violin and A string design for viola which has an astonishingly warm sound, no metallic overtones and doesn't whistle. The complete Amber set gives a complex, sweet and gut like tone.


Warchal Brilliant String

BRILLIANT for Violin, Viola and Cello

Brilliant strings offer concert hall projection, luxurious and rich tonal complexity, as well as superior durability and responsiveness.


Warchal Brilliant Vintage String


Created for antique violins. Brilliant Vintage strings offer the tonal characteristics of the Brilliant strings, but with exceptional playability and response for antique violins

Brilliant Vintage

Warchal Karneol Strings

KARNEOL for Violin and Viola

Karneol are high quality synthetic core strings which have a warm character and suit most instruments. These strings make playing feel easy. They have a warm and velvety sound which really comes into its own once the strings have settled.


Warchal Ametyst Strings

AMETYST for Violin 4/4 - 1/16

Ametyst are high quality synthetic core strings. Brighter in sound than Karneol, Ametyst strings offer a pure and focused sound. Ametyst are also the only Warchal strings currently available for fractional sized violins. They are exceptional value for money and are now recommended by many teachers in the UK.


Warchal Nefrit Strings

NEFRIT for Violin

Nefrit strings provide superior quality for their modest price. Ideal for electric violins using a band pick up system or for those who like to use heavier bow pressure.


Warchal Avantgarde A String

AVANTGARDE Violin A String

A remarkable metal A string for violin which combines the innovations of the Russian A and Amber E strings.


Warchal Russian Style Violin A String

The Russian Style A String for Violin

The Russian Style violin A string (metal) gives you a seamless and mellow switch between the alto and soprano registers, excellent response and incredible durability. It can be combined with all of the Warchal string sets. This string is also excellent for those players who have a problem with corrosive sweat on hydronalium strings.

Russian A

Warchal Prototype Cello A String

Metal Cello A string called PROTOTYPE

This string was originally developed as an alternative to the current 'A' string for the Brilliant cello set.



Warchal string colour codes can be found here. Colours seen depend on your monitor colour setting.

Warchal String Colour coding

String Colour Codes


WARCHAL strings utilize the experience of two generations of violinists. In 1960, Bohdan Warchal, an outstanding violinist, established the Slovak Chamber Orchestra. Under his leadership, the orchestra developed into a distinguished ensemble and gained worldwide recognition. Warchal and his orchestra gave almost 2500 concerts in all of Europe, as well as in the USA, South America, Australia, China, Korea and Japan. During his 40 years of directing the orchestra, he produced more than 150 records and CDs. Bohdan Warchal also taught at several universities in Central Europe. He had a very specific relationship to sound, which was inherited by his son, Bohdan Warchal, Jr.

Bohdan Warchal Bohdan Warchal, Jr., graduated from the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague, Czech Republic. Since 1989, he has been a member and later the concertmaster of the Slovak Chamber Orchestra. He teaches in the Conservatory and the Academy of Musical Arts in Bratislava, Slovakia and is the author of two books 'The Natural Way of Playing the Violin' and 'Master Your Stage Fright'. As a violinist he searched for the ideal instrument, the perfect bow and also the best strings. He has always been captivated by the world of sound and the production of instruments. Within a short period of time he managed to bring together a team of experts from Slovakia and abroad and started his research. In 2003 he established the company WARCHAL whose ambition is to produce strings of the highest quality. He currently coordinates research in the company's sound laboratory.

Bohdan says: Even though we have put in thousands of hours of work and developed strings that have met with great interest, we are still only at the beginning. Our mission reaches much farther.